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What Does it Mean to be Mentally Healthy?

Mental wellness is complex. Simply put, it means how you function in and interact with the world.

Can you carry on day after day, interacting with others while at the same time dealing with stress, conflict, or problems? Here are some additional questions to ask yourself about your mental health:

  1. Can you make and maintain relationships with your peers?

  2. Are you functioning well and feeling satisfied with your work or school performance?

  3. Can you be humorous?

  4. Are you able to adapt and change when necessary?

  5. Do you like yourself?

  6. Can you identify your strengths and weaknesses?

  7. Can you deal with conflict?

  8. Do you have a variety of coping strategies to draw on when you’re stressed?

  9. Can you accept responsibility for your actions?

  10. Can you problem solve?

  11. Are you able to reason and think clearly?

  12. Do you have insight into what’s happening to you or around you?

  13. Are you able to make judgments about your choices and what is best for a situation?

  14. Have you contemplated questions about the purpose of life?

  15. Do have self-control over your emotions and behavior?

There’s a lot to being mentally healthy. It’s a dynamic process just like our physical health. We all move in and out and along a continuum of both mental and physical wellness. So asking yourself these questions helps you understand where you currently are on that continuum.

Where do you see yourself? Reach out to a Trailtalk therapist if you're in need of an emotional tune-up!


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