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Meet Our Trailblazers

Our team is passionate about helping clients improve their mental and physical wellbeing. They've experienced firsthand the benefits of nature and look forward to helping their clients do the same!


Allison Page

Founder & Lead Trailblazer

Park City, UT

Allison is an experienced Pediatric and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner with over 20 years of experience in helping people improve their physical and mental wellbeing. Throughout her career, she has worked with homesless families to develop a pediatric health care program at Salt Lake City's 4th Street Clinic, train rural public health nurses to better support at-risk children, and traveled internationally to serve under-resourced communities. Over the years, Allison became more interested in the psycho-social dynamics of families and returned to graduate school in 2007 to hone those skills. She received a Post Master's Certificate in Psychiatric Nursing. She has completed extensive training to build on her expertise, including certification in EMDR therapy. In 2010, Allison was walking in the woods with her dog and reflected on how much time in the outdoors has helped clear her head and give her perspective on her own life. She had a light bulb moment and thought, "I'm going to walk and talk with my clients." Driven by her love of the outdoors and evidence supporing the mental health benefits of nature, Trailtalk was born.

Sara Cooley

Certified Trailtalk Provider

Durango, CO

Sara graduated with a master's degree in social work and divinity in 2017. She has since worked as a psychotherapist for adults, adolecents, and groups in a community clinic. Sara helps her clients address many concerns, including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, parenting problems, past trauma, and abuse. In addition, Sara is a certified EMDR therapist. Her divinity background adds to her understanding and ability to guide clients experiencing existential crises and other spiritual and meaning of life issues. Sara has special interest in helping clients of all faiths and religious backgrounds navigate their spirituality. Her journey lends itself well to her current walk and talk therapy practice. After experiencing challenging medical and work-related stressors during grad school, Sara turned to the great outdoors and experienced the healing power of nature firsthand. When Sara discovered Trailtalk, she knew right away that she wanted to leave her traditional counseling job behind and start taking her clients out on the trails!

Trailheads Near You

Durango Trailhead

Sara Cooley, a Trailtalk Certified Provider, is accepting new clients who wish to talk their way through the beautiful trails of Durango, Colorado.

Want to Join Us?

We're looking for mental health professionals and entrepreneurs interested in either starting their own practice or enhancing the services of their existing practice. Sound like you? Reach out to learn more about becoming a Certified Trailtalk Provider!

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