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Taking Therapy off the Couch and Onto the Trail 

Busy, functional people still need mental health tune ups, but often push that kind of self-care aside. Time constraints and the stigma attributed to mental illness prevent many of us from seeking mental health services.


Trailtalk is on a mission to help our clients experience the healing power of nature as they move their bodies to clear their minds. Let's walk and talk!

What We Offer

What We Offer

Better Emotional Health starts with One Step®

Trailtalk's licensed mental health providers offer a variety of services to best meet the needs of our clients, on or off the trail.

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Signature Walk
and Talks

Walk with a professionally trained therapist near your home or office before work, at lunch, or at the end of a long day. Clients who are unable to walk can enjoy outdoor sessions too! We provide chairs in a quiet, private area.

Trailtalk RxTM

Trailtalk Rx prescribes conservative medicine for active, functional people. Trailtalk Rx believes that we cannot ignore the science behind how powerful and important our brains are to mental wellness.


A Theracation is your opportunity to restore, reboot, relax, and recreate in beautiful Park City, Utah. Trailtalk tailors each Theracation to its client’s needs and prior therapy experience.

Health Care Advocacy

If you are frustrated with how complicated or intimidating hospitals, mental heath care facilities, and home health care agencies are, then let us help you navigate these systems with you!

If you're interested in any of these services, click below to book an appointment at one of our Trailheads.


About Our Model of Care

Trailtalk is designed to help de-stigmatize mental health and ensure that active, functional people take care of their mental health as much as their physical health. Trailtalk is helping clients improve their mental wellness one step at a time.

Evidence-Informed Model

Spending time in nature is an evidence-based way to improve physical and mental wellbeing. We use our surroundings - the sights, sounds, and smells on the trail - to support clients' mental wellness during our Signature Walk and Talks. 

Accessible Services

Trailtalk is mobile, fluid and open to your needs. Walk and talk is year round, but on cold, blustery Park City days we might choose to move inside and enjoy a warm drink during the session. Clients who are unable to walk can enjoy outdoor sessions too. We provide chairs in a quiet, private area.

Approachable Care

Trailtalk therapists understand that one’s mental health is as important and vital to a human’s well being as their physical health. Routine check-ups for physical health are the norm so we encourage people to do the same for their minds. We can do more than survive, we can thrive!

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Hear from Our Clients

“The benefit of the trail, for me, is being present in the moment of the environment, my breathing and observing the beauty around me. Sometimes when you stare at the big beautiful sky, it puts your concerns into perspective and somehow they feel less overwhelming.”

Jackie, 27
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