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Play Outside: The Healing Power of Nature

This month, we look to nature to find joy, solace, solutions, comfort, and more. Just getting outside and moving your body to clear your mind elevates our mood! Our team chose a collection of resources investigating and reporting on the benefits of accessing nature daily to share with you:

  1. How Nature Impacts Our Wellbeing – The University of Minnesota outlines some great methods in which nature heals, soothes, restores, connects us. How can being in nature reduce stress?

  2. Bouldering Psychotherapy – Nature can help us escape the daily grind through many outlets. This article discusses how climbing and bouldering can force you to live in the moment and focus only on your task/activity. It proves to be very cathartic and beneficial in treating depression.

  3. Atlanta Connects Outdoors – Thrive Outside Atlanta works to build and strengthen networks focused on providing children and families with repeat and reinforcing experiences in the outdoors. Their new initiative, “Sensory with Soils,” provides youth a learning opportunity from merely playing in the dirt. Read the full article here.

Check out this publication about how nature heals our souls in Science of Forest Therapy.

Reboot, Reset and Restore in the great outdoors. Spending time in nature helps us reframe and recalibrate our waypoints, especially during uncertain times.

As quote legendary trailblazer, Chief Seattle, says, “take only photos and leave only footsteps.”


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